Niche perfume. Agaressence: how not to get sidetracked.

A book of Seneca from the last year is still lying on the night stand. From one Saturday to another there are only some dizzy mornings, some plans being drawn, some coffee, much indifference.

When it gets cooler outside, it rains at night and you can finally breathe a little in the morning – it’s possible to go out a minute earlier and to afford yourself not to hurry. And to meet almost the same faces as everyday at 9.00am.

Last month I found out about Brecourt perfumery. Emilie Bouge created this niche brand in 2010: for me it’s been a shocking discovery of the year, which impressed me with a fabulous and one of the most beautiful roses Rosa Gallica. Due to a lack of popularity and distribution of Brecourt perfumes I had to order them on the official website to try them properly. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen I present you the scent of today – Agaressence.


There are mornings when you wake up and feel strange, the sky outside is almost bright, the first stores are opened, people walk their dogs. And then you remember that last night you had a dream of something so big and important; and then you carry a stone in your heart until noon.

I remember my mother using Dior Poison, Laura Biagiotti Venezia and the warmth of Chanel Coco; I remember how her face used to smell like powder, her lipstick – like an oily rose and her hands like milk. And I remember what a comfortable and safe smell it used to be. It used to warm me up and to embrace like a long black coat with a fox fur around the neck in cold winter.

Agaressence is so nostalgic one can break down in tears. It embraces you like soft hands. This is the same smoky dried plum, rose and tuberose, which deepen into warm woody tones and finally settle as a gentle but strong wall, a heavy dusty theatre curtain. A syrup of red berries with a little bit of oudh, ylang ylang, tuberose and sandalwood. Black and red, viscous and dense, but airy and lingering. Protecting. As a dream you can’t read but still carry just because you can’t not to carry.


Top notes – Saffron, Blackcurrant, Plum, Oudh.

Middle notes – Tuberose, Rose, Ylang Ylang.

Base notes – Oudh, Sandalwood, Civet, Jatamansi.


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