Uncommon perfume. Ambre Noir, all is vanity.

Soft and dry, another creation of Brecourt Ambre Noir is a true night pearl, when everyone is sleeping but someone’s not. When in the middle of June you feel November and you want to sit down by the fire on a fluffy carpet. Ambre Noir is the perfume I immediately felt intimate with: it was enough to smell the first notes of myrrh with a clear hint of magnolia.


Then – stop. Suddenly it starts splitting in two parts:

one of them is sinking into a beautiful amber warmth but is counterbalanced by the surface. A dry, almost powdery sensation stands in the foreground and remains there, while in the background the abyss is breathing slowly but heavily.

An extremely interesting and complicated impression is formed by the union (or contrast) of amber and sandalwood. The scent envelops and doesn’t let go, it melts on the skin, gets stuck in the hair, it exists and doesn’t exist. Suddenly you want to go to theatre, to see beautiful people and to leave a feeling behind. To visit good hotels, to have real suitcases, not to take care of them.


After some time, after a cool introduction, when you can’t hide your fears anymore, you start to feel oriental vanilla which is so light and so unobtrusive but so comforting and resuming everything at the same time. For what is enough to go to sleep, because there’s too much fearing and doubting. Because everything’s dust to dust anyway.

An unsanely luxurious scent, an everyday scent. Because beautiful things matter more than the ugly ones; easy conversations and first impressions lift you up.

And still, everything is breaking apart, so maybe at least let it break nicely.


Top notes – Bergamot, Magnolia, Myrrh

Middle notes – Sandalwood, Orris, Amber, Cistus – labdanum

Base notes – Amber, absolute Vanilla, Musk


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