Violet Blonde, different interpretation of violet.

There’s probably no better time for violet than autumn. L’Heure BleueAprès l’Ondée and the last discovery Violette Fumée show their best in violet colour, i.e. in dusk, in a cloudy sky, fog and rain. That’s the reason why I was so happy to remember I still had a few drops of Tom Ford Violet Blonde in my perfume box.


Violet Blonde is a poem for violet. It immediately makes you think of a lady from the past century with perfect wavy hair, almond-shaped nails, white skin and expressive face. It could have been Betty from “Mad Men” only if she hadn’t been so stupid and mischievous. No, hate and childishness are incompatible with the character of Violet Blonde. You better look at a real woman.article-2141771-12D83186000005DC-960_634x535

Pink pepper, mandarin and violet leaves stay on top of the scent pyramid. The mild freshness of citrus intertwines with deep powdery peppered violet. It is possible to feel the clear mood of the perfume already from the first notes: it doesn’t lose coherence throughout the phases. Then, iris and jasmin come directly to the heart notes – and that’s where the femme fatale atmosphere begins.


However, unlike the usual development of iris, here it doesn’t create the granny impression, it isn’t dried-out and simply powdery. The most fascinating part for me has been the different interpretation of iris, which is so suede and buttery, so beautifully soft and melting. Still, if the first half of the scent evolution hasn’t convinced you yet, you will definitely give Violet Blonde a medal after you wait for the base. Musk, vetiver, ceder and benzoin leave such a nostalgic signature on the wrist that one would terribly wish to had lived in the past with black and white photos of oneself.

Designed for those who keep quite when necessary and who are dramatic in some way; who must be loved for the entire life or may not be loved at all.


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