Rosamunda, one hundred years of solitude.

Rose, patchouli, saffron, oud wood, cedar, amber, musk.

Rosamunda is pure neoclassical beauty seduced by thick patchouli and animalic notes.

Lately a lot of perfumers seem to particularly like the rose&oud wood combination. A lot of perfume lovers and buyers think though that enough is enough and want to switch the channel. Laboratorio Olfattivo‘s Rosamunda, released in 2012 tries to catch our attention not with a banal rose oud but with a pinch of warm golden spicy patchouli put in the popular duet.


The creators of Rosamunda have compared the main flower of the perfume with the feminine characters of Gabriel Garçia Marquez’s novels: they used to put roses in their hair. Women are always women; but maybe more gunpowder can be smelled in their reality. Anger is more real, love is hotter and tears are saltier…and the rain pouring for entire months, is wetter…and incest and brothers and grandfathers and cousins and sorrow and life.
Maybe everything is a little bit more sensed and more lived.

Rosamunda embodies fresh and crispy rose and its remarkable transparency, purified with cedar notes. Nose tickling oud wood and saffron powder slowly but assuredly fall in the arms of warm and cozy patchouli. However, Rosamunda is at its best after an hour, when all smoothness and creaminess become clear. They bring soft fresh spices which fortunately do not drag the whole thing down towards suffocating oriental markets. There is something animalistic and dangerous perceived: perhaps a vibrant sense of trouble or maybe belief that big beauty must also hide big sorrow. 

If you close your eyes, Rosamunda really brings you in Colombia, to the surrealistic and rainy state of being or to the love in the time of cholera which never asks your name. However, this Laboratorio Olfattivo creation is not weeping. It is not desperate and characterless. On the contrary – it makes you want to stand for yourself and punch someone in the face if it is necessary to fight injustice.


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