Magnolia Nobile, how high.

Even if winter and especially Christmas call for heavier, sweeter and warming fragrances and even if many associate Magnolia Nobile with spring and sunny weather – this year this strange perfume came directly to the rainy and warm Christmas with noisy trains and coats almost wide open. Such a strange time, when you are supposed to feel the holiday mood yet there is something that presses the throat and you walk through the others like a stranger. Church bells call signaling the start of a mass, people kiss each other on the street and exchange pies with raisins. And you are so above everything that a little would be enough to break everything into peaces.

Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile is like that – lingering and half real. As if it exists, so white and beautiful yet at some point forgets the reality and goes away.


Magnolia Nobile promises a lot already from the first seconds on the skin. A blast of fresh citrus and bergamot with aromatic white flowers: magnolia, jasmine, tuberose right behind them. The scent is wide. Open. The notes bloom and expand and feel like a kind of light which fills the room, taking spirals of vetiver, rose and wood with it. The scent is sweet, but not too sweet. It is huge. Large. Tall. Growing and surrounding, embracing the air. The wonderful thing is that the fragrance does not lose its initial freshness and remains airy and pulsating even in the middle notes.  Incredibly expressive, it is also restrained and mature. There is a feeling you are afraid to touch it for not to make it dirty. Fragile and feminine (not girly), sophisticated and grown, thoughtful and a little painful.


Magnolia Nobile is a scent to admire and to miss, just like one misses a lost lover. It is a beautiful perfume. So beautiful and royal it almost ceases to exist, or maybe has never existed. And you don’t know if start to cry or pretend nothing really happened.


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