Tardes, gone with the wind.

Leaving the city and moving near the sea is like burning diaries, cutting hair and changing perfume. Now, with all green grass and white mountains, big silence and a lot of room around, previous aggressive urbanistic scents, which used to smell so good in flue gas and metallic noise of scooters, suddenly become unrecognizable. They seem dehydrated and tough, too sentimental and dying for tenderness. Exaggerated.

Time passes more slowly here. Nobody roars under your window and you don’t run into vomit or empty beer bottles on Saturday morning anymore. You don’t smell urine when taking a walk. You don’t have to listen to the always young women with bad manners and their rich friends shouting. Lastly, the most important thing is you don’t have to suffocate in a crowd ant be touched by the strangers anymore.

Clearly, close-mindedness and curious grannies can be found everywhere. But the possibility to close your eyes and breathe is priceless.


Such space and air loaded with iodine inevitably cover traditional Mediterranean smells: rosemary, lavender, lemon and almonds. Cherries bloom in white, almonds in soft pink, sour oranges hang heavily on the trees spreading light and spring freshness. Everything swirls into wet bed sheets drying outside. This is Carner Barcelona Tardes: lazy and carried by the wind.


Wonderfully heliotropic and almondy Tardes opens with a fresh and mature fruit note. The description lists plum and celery, which immediately  reminds me of something familiar. L’Heure Bleue? Slightly medicinal almond also recalls fresh and tiny patisserie mignon. Beautiful apricoty heliotrope joins the plum and becomes extremely juicy and dripping. However, Tardes isn’t bulky and syrupy. It gets airy and floating due to the almost invisible pharmaceutical accent. It suggests amaretto and almond meringue, apricot jam and clean laundry still smelling of detergent powder. It’s creamy and buttery yet drifting and hypnotic like a cup of coffee after a long dinner.

Especially suited for sleepy summer afternoons outside or to be sprayed on the pillow to restore mental and emotional stability.



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