Promenade a Versailles Pour Elle: Versailles and popcorn.

Sofia Coppola’s movie on Marie Antoinette has been praised by teenagers as much as Amélie when it was launched years ago. Very girlish, very soft, very crisp, very innocent. The movie has immediately provoked the oh-so-so fashionable macaron wave. Everybody’s buying, dying and taking pictures of them because Paris is fashion – I love Paris – I am fashionable. Be that as it may, the movie is really worth watching for its impeccable aesthetics.

Parfums du Château de Versailles claim to have restored perfume compositions of Versailles from real old recipes of the royal family. With some synthetics they’ve brought back to life fragrances which surrounded the kings and the queens of France during the 17th and the 18th centuries. Don’t think macaron is enough to perceive Marie Antoinette’s reality. She probably smelled like Promenade a Versailles Pour Elle. Even if I doubt if popcorn and pineapple listed among the notes were taken directly from the Versaille’s archive; if the latter ingredients help it reveal the atmosphere or if they are perfect substitutes of some other plants or concoctions, one could only applaude for such creativity.

Promenade a Versailles Pour Elle is truly a joie de vivre perfume. The very first notes come out with a blast of juicy cherries, tangerines and pineapples. The beginning is sour, fresh and already mouth watering. Then everything is covered with sparkling champagne bubbles and the fragrance obtains its fruity-chypre character. After a few minutes the sourness gets softer and reveals a more subtle and balanced floral side. Nonetheless, no single fruit and no single flower stands out by itself; it’s rather huge bouquets and baskets of flowers, it’s vases of pears and oranges. It’s incredibly rich yet doesn’t get heavy and oversweet. Finally, the heart of the perfume unveils musky rose with a warm note of… popcorn.

Surprisingly, all that popcorn fuss isn’t fake. When you sniff carefully you can clearly identify the toasted and pleasant smell of a movie theatre. Popcorn and patchouli make an unusual base for a fruity-floral fragrance, yet never break its classic image. It’s a bit tipsy and flirty; it’s succulent, sparkling, shimmering and it smiles with its eyes closed. Being fresh and girlish, it is never cheap.
A perfume for a sunny day when the only thing you care about is which cheek to choose for your beauty mark today.